CSAS „Latraps”

Cooperative Society of Agricultural Services "LATRAPS" ​​was founded on 22 April 2000 and registered on 9 May 2000. The founders are 12 peasant farms from Dobele and Jelgava counties. The cooperative society of agricultural services "LATRAPS" ​​has developed from 12 member companies into the largest grain/rapeseed cooperative in the country due to the fact that the cooperative is open to any grain/rapeseed producer. At the present moment, “LATRAPS” has united more than 700 farmers throughout Latvia . The areas under cultivation range from 20 to 4000 hectares.

All the farmers are united by the trust in their own powers as a key to agricultural development.


CSAS „Dzēse”

The dairy cooperative society “Dzēse” was founded in 1997 by 17 peasant farms of the Liepaja district. At the present moment, “Dzēsē” is uniting 260 farms from 18 Kurzeme and Zemgale regions – Durbe, Aizpute, Kuldiga, Saldus, Grobiņa, Pavilosta, Skrunda, Priekule, Nica, Rucava, Alsunga, Vainode, Auce, Dobele, Tērvete, Jelgava, Bauska and Rundāle. All the peasant farms are of different sizes, with 20-30 milking cows per farm on average. The smallest farm has only five cows, the largest farm – 120. The cooperative members produce 70 tonnes of high-quality milk on average per day.


VAKS (Vidzeme Agroeconomic Cooperative Society) has been actively operating since 1999 offering the farmers of Vidzeme and Latgale regions a system for primary processing, storage and sale of the products grown by the cooperative members.



The company's articles of association stipulate that the main objective is to provide appropriate services to the agricultural producers, consult and satisfy the other needs of the members of the company. The cooperative is currently uniting more than 400 farms.