Industrial products

We offer a wide range of liquid industrial dairy products, such as skimmed milk concentrate, whey concentrate and cream. The customized range of industrial cheeses for the buyers and suppliers includes Gouda, Edam, Tilsiter, Maasdam and Cagliata.

Liquid sweet whey concentrate - dry substance 18% and 30%

Liquid milk protein concentrate is derived from fresh whey, by partly reducing the water amount. Sweet whey is a by-product of cheese, which is being manufactured during the cheese manufacturing process. Fat content in the dry substance up to 0.5%.

Liquid skimmed milk concentrate

The skimmed milk concentrate is a milk protein concentrate with a dry substance of 32% -36%.


Cream is the milk fat obtained by centrifuging milk. Fat content 40%

Cream butter

Fat content in the dry substance 82%
Pure and natural dairy product available both fresh and frozen.

Cagliata 45% and 48% content in dry substance

Cagliata is an industrial cheese specially produced as Mozzarella cheese product. The taste is delicate and lactic. Weight and size can be customized to the customer needs.

Gouda / Edam / Tilsiter / Maasdam

We produce the most popular types of cheeses for industrial processing, retail trade and HoReCa segments.